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The Global Oil and Gas Forum for Research, Discussion and Learning
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The oil and gas forum for research, discussion and learning.

Praxis Global Research is dedicated to serving the needs of oil and gas professionals through a range of platforms and events addressing technical, career or training issues. By bringing together leading industry thinkers and practitioners, Praxis Global Research aims to share knowledge, build communities and create networks across the industry worldwide.

Praxis Learning, partnering with its senior-level consultants, creates and provides learning resources to develop human capital in the oil and gas industry. The programs, in-house and competency-based, are tailored to an organization’s individual needs.

With our extensive industry contacts established through our research, learning and community divisions, Praxis Search and Selection helps the industry fill key engineering positions as well as providing HR consultancy globally.

Harnessing our assets in Praxis Community and Praxis Learning, Praxis Research develops, under the leadership of senior level steering committees, interactive technology workshops which tackle the latest technical and strategic issues faced by the industry.

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